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Embrace This Moment: The Key To Performance, Growth & True Freedom. I’ll teach you how!





Embrace This Moment: The Key To Performance, Growth & True Freedom. I’ll teach you how!

Embrace This Moment: The Key To Performance, Growth & True Freedom

The Mindful Athlete Course Spring 2024 Study Group

Embracing This Moment is about being open to experience in front of us. That’s important because whatever we resist, persists. If we don’t observe it and then say ‘Yes!” to it or embrace it, then we can’t learn and grow from that experience. It’s an opportunity to ‘seek to understand’, not only ourselves, but how we relate to the world. And that starts with an uncritical observation of what’s in front of us. Things happened because the conditions were present for them to happen. So we embrace the moment and let go. Only then can we fully realize the potential of the next moment, without attachment, and find peace and true freedom.”
-George Mumford

Back in 2019, I had the idea to turn the key ideas from my book The Mindful Athlete into an online course. I wanted to make the concepts and practices — including what I call The Five Superpowers — that I’ve taught to Michael Jordan, Kobe, Olympians, CEOs, and people of all stripes and sizes around the world available to anyone who wanted to learn them.

To help incorporate the teachings into every day life, my Team and I started running Six-Week Study Groups twice a year, each with a theme that we focus on and build practices around. Now, eight cohorts later, hundreds of students have joined my growing online community and benefited from these ideas. Many come back time and again to these sessions for further their practice and go deeper.

Together, we’ve explored Resilience, Connection, Community, Taking Responsibility, Courage, and more, including how to be Unlocked, the title of my latest book that came out in May 2023.

But as my own teachers would often remind me, sometimes it’s helpful to go back to where you started. Back to the basics… the fundamentals of my work and what I teach each and every one of my clients, athlete or not. Because we all get off-track or forget.

One of those fundamentals is this idea of Embracing THIS Moment, regardless of what’s happening. Only when we do that can we begin to say “Yes!” to the present moment, find peace in it, and then generate hope. That’s the framework for every one of my nearly 200 “At Home with George” episodes that I’ve taped and posted to YouTube for the past four years.

How do we do that? And how does it tie-in with our ability to perform better in any area of life, which is why I’m guessing you’re here?

Can this concept really help you embrace your greatness, find the flow, and discover success?

I’ll explain all of that in this course. And I’ll teach you those Five Superpowers — Mindfulness, Concentration, Right Effort, Insight, Trust —that I wrote about in The Mindful Athlete.

I’ll break down, in simple terms, what each of these concepts actually means, how you might have struggled with these areas in the past, and how to take each one and put it into practice yourself. Every day..

The effects on your work, your relationships, your health and wellness, or your sport will be profound. I know that to be true from my own experience.

mindful yoga practitioner
mindful yoga practitioner
George Mumford
mindful boxer
mindful cyclist

It all begins by developing a greater level of self-awareness and then selfregulating by accessing that quiet place within — that Eye of the Hurricane — amidst the swirl of life. You can learn to go to that place of calm any time you need.

From there, you’ll be able to see the whole picture and slow down and respond consciously with choices that serve you better instead of simply reacting to situations/others/feelings on auto-pilot. That’s another foundational concept that we learn and practice, again and again.

As I like to say, it’s an inside game and one that only you can play. I’ll teach you how.

To help support you as you’re doing this work, you’ll become part of a growing and active community that I’ve been building over the past few years. We’ll gather again on Zoom for six consecutive weeks starting Tuesday, April 2nd as part of the next 6-Week Intensive (Study Group), which I lead twice a year.

You and your fellow students will learn how to create that space between stimulus and response. To access that Eye of the Hurricane. To get comfortable being uncomfortable. To be at rest or ease in spite of any challenges that arise. And to ask the right questions that will help you define and achieve the things you really want in life.

When you learn and practice these concepts, you begin to take more responsibility for your life, your choices, your reactions, and your energy. I believe that’s true freedom.

Finally, by doing this inner work, you’ll not only help yourself, you’ll be helping the world-at-large. Philosopher Martin Buber wrote about embracing the ‘still small voice’ within, which many of us drown out. “If a man makes peace in himself, he can make peace in the world.”

Won’t you join me on a joyful journey of discovery to Embrace This Moment and learn the key to Performance, Growth & True Freedom?

mindful boxer

The Mindful Athlete Course Includes:

  • The 7 Core Modules of the Mindful Athlete Course
  • Access to “Embrace This Moment: The Key To Performance, Growth & True Freedom”, the upcoming 6-Week Study Group that runs from April 2nd to May 7th, 2024
  • Recordings from the eight previous 6-Week Study Groups (48 Zoom calls)
  • An Independent Study Guide PDF
  • Ongoing Q&A Coaching Calls with George
  • Guided Meditation and Exercises
  • Bonus Videos & Content
  • Private Facebook Group
The Mindful Athlete Course

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Benefits of The Mindful Athlete Course

I’m George Mumford, and I’m here to teach you how to unlock your own masterpiece with The Mindful Athlete Course.

The culmination of years of working with some of the most dedicated, challenging people in the world, this course teaches you practices, a mindset, and ultimately a “way of being” that you need to push through the stuff that’s distracting you: the life stuff, your knee-jerk reaction to external stress, and even the unconscious attachment you have to your suffering.

Sign up now for lifetime access and I can help you gain:

  • More courage
  • Control of your own responses
  • Greater resilience
  • A deeper sense of connection with yourself and others
  • Responsibility for your choices, reactions, and energy
  • A community of like-minded learners
  • Tools to Unlock your masterpiece within
  • Strategies to eliminate moments of self-sabotage
  • A sustainable level of performance (what I call “Pure Performance”)
  • More peace, more joy, and more creativity
  • A “Way of Being” that supports all of these!
mindful runner

For athletes, and those wanting to perform at their highest level in any capacity.

mindful athlete

“An extremely mind-blowing soul-searching course, which might not be for those who are hunting for quick fix and instant skills, yet very beneficial for those who are seeking wisdom and identifying the thought processes of becoming a better being, in life and in sports.”
– Course Participant

“I have really developed my focus in slowing down the time between stimulus and response. This has helped me destress and get through hard time. It has all so been helpful in achieving my goals.”
– Course Participant

“In it, [George] creates a simple yet profound sacred space for blending and absorbing practical, useable life lessons with sagely ageless wisdom that improves your performance not only in sports but in all of life. He is at the top of his game as a teacher, mentor and guide. He is currently the best version of himself and as a life-long learner, he continues to improve his effectiveness as a coach and leader in the Mindfulness movement. George is a wise and trusted friend who continues to have a positive effect on me and my work. Take this course if you would like to explore new and exciting refreshing dimensions of consciousness.”

– Course Participant

“George’s teachings on trust were transformative for me.”

– Course Participant

George Mumford
George speaking

My Story: From the Locker Room to the Board Room

I’ve been lucky enough to coach some of the most revered athletes in the world, from NBA champions to Olympians, working with them to level-up their performance on and off the court, the field, or the track. I’ve helped them create new habits and new mindsets and develop new practices that let them act from that space between stimulus and response.

The practices that have helped them stay in “the zone” despite the scrutiny of the fans, their coaches and, at times, the world.

But it’s not only high-level athletes who have benefited from these practices; I’ve worked with everyone from Yale to jail, from stressed-out boardroom executives to artists who’ve hit a block in their creativity.

I’ve shown each and every one of them that everything is connected.

That who you are in the world at large is who you are on the court, on the field, on the yoga mat, in the boardroom.

And whatever challenges you’re facing, or whatever you want to achieve, if your mind is constantly distracted with thoughts and emotions, if you’re focusing on how you’re doing instead of what you’re doing, you’re no longer in that flow state that’ll carry you to your optimal performance.

These are the concepts and practices that will help you unlock your own masterpiece.

“George has ‘Mumfied’ the teams I coached over the years. He has a style of mindfulness that goes beyond ‘just sitting/breathing’ to focusing while in action.”

Phil Jackson, 13-time NBA champion

“Full of wisdom and heart, both a moving story and powerful practices from a very fine teacher. George Mumford shows how to find freedom in a game fully played and a life well lived.”

– Jack Kornfield, acclaimed author of more than 20 best-selling book on mindfulness

What You’ll Get If You Join:

Module 1:

Why You Absolutely HAVE TO Have Your Ass on Fire

Why is is to important to have your ass on fire?

Module 1 will reveal all — it’ll help you determine whether your ass is on fire and what you can do if it isn’t.

It’ll also show you how to get the most bang for your buck as you move through the course, how to join in with our community of mindful athletes, and why it’s so important that you have the support of others as you start chipping away at that inner masterpiece.

Modules 2-6:

The 5 Superpowers

In modules 2 – 6, I’ll teach you the 5 superpowers that will keep you at the top of your game, no matter what: concentration, right effort, insight, trust, and mindfulness.

Forget the jargon though, I’m going to break down, in simple terms, what each of these actually means.

We’ll look at how you’ve struggled with these areas in the past and how other athletes are making the most of each superpower in their own practice. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to take each concept and put it into practice yourself.

Module 7: Practice!

By the time you hit module 7, you’ll know what it’s going to take to unlock that divine spark inside you.

But knowing and doing isn’t always the same thing! So I’m still in this with you…

In this module I’m going to show you:

  • How to take these ideas and use them to develop a daily practice
  • How to create new habits that’ll help you live more creatively
  • How to respond rather than react
  • How to make a daily commitment to excellence

We’ll look further into the support you can get from those around you, whether that’s our Facebook community or a community near you. We’ll show you how to connect with an accountability partner and how to continue your study (there’s always more to learn!).

And I’ll help you find new ways to connect you to your masterpiece, through nature, through music, through community — whatever works for you — and how to incorporate them into your life every day.


Access to “Embrace This Moment: The Key To Performance, Growth & True Freedom”, the upcoming 6-Week Study Group that runs from April 2nd to May 7th, 2024

Recordings from the eight previous 6-Week Study Groups (48 Zoom calls)

Quarterly Q&A Coaching Calls with George

Guided Meditation and Exercises

Bonus Videos & Content

Private Facebook Group

Special Opportunities and Meetups

Get access for only:


Are You on the Fence?

You already know right now whether this course is right for you. If it is, I’m asking you to trust me and to take the plunge.

But why now? Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and yesterday is gone. That leaves today. This moment.

You’ve spent too long chipping away at your masterpiece, now is the time to uncover those final layers. It’s time to prove to yourself what you can achieve.


mindful yoga practitioner

You need this now, but more importantly, the world needs this NOW. This new “Way of Being” that will emerge as you unlock. Like a chrysalis becoming a butterfly.

The world is crying out for more people who know themselves, and who can express themselves, who can be themselves. The world needs people who have found joy and peace and who’ve found a way to connect with others, through connecting first with themselves.

Are you ready to unlock all of that??